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celebrant success: a passionate business

Successful celebrants share a number of common characteristics, among which are passion, enthusiasm, and a love of people. While these are essential, there are many other more practical factors which are important to the success of the business side of things. Here are some tips to help you chart a wise course for your journey:

create and implement a business plan.
No matter the amount of work you wish to undertake, a business plan will help to determine your values, your goals and the means to attain them. It is an interesting and enlightening journey to undertake. It doesn’t have to be comprehensive – however, it can make a huge difference to your overall success.

customer service.
Love your clients!  Become passionate about delivering the best possible service to couples, their families and guests. Look for ways to offer excellent service.  Ask questions and listen. Find out what they want - and then give it to them!

operational systems.
Get all your of your systems into place, from receiving the first phone call to the evaluation and follow up procedures. This will make your work and your life so much easier.

behind the scenes.
Keep your bookwork and accounting up to date.  Don’t mix personal and business funds. Set up separate accounts and aim to pay yourself as you would any other employee.  Reinvest your profits in growing the business.

This vital form of connecting with others will provide valuable resources, information and marketing opportunities.  Meet with other celebrants in the area, local businesses and support groups.

These are just some of the valuable pointers that have helped me to establish myself as an award winning and highly sought after celebrant in a regional coastal area. I hope they make a difference to your business and inspire you to be the best you can be! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about running your practice.
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"I have had the pleasure of stumbling across your site and was compelled to send you a message simply to say how truly inspiring you are Wendy. I am eagerly awaiting my AG accreditation which is due in the next couple of weeks. However, in all my researching and planning for my CMC role thus far, I've not come across any material or media that has met and further inspired my passion for embracing this new path until discovering It seems to me you arrange your words not unlike the most poetic and soulful musician might compose their innermost heartfelt piece of music. What a gift!" - Rebecca