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Quotation MarkAll birthdays are special, whether it's a first or a hundred and first. Whichever one you are celebrating, give your birthday celebration the care and attention it deserves, giving you a birthday ceremony that you, and your guests, will remember for years to come. Go beyond birthday cakes and candles and create a birthday ceremony that honours life, love and happiness.

Alice's birthday was a special 18th celebration. Read her story at my blog. Another beautiful young friend of mine, Sharna, turned 21 and we did a very similar simple celebration that was also very beautiful.

When Willa booked me to help organise her 60th birthday, the six month lead up time was rich with mini rituals along the way. There were many options to explore and fears to overcome.
Lots of people?
A small and intimate group?
A picnic with just her husband? - a few times when anxiety kicked in she thought this would suffice!
Public venue or at home?
Self cater, pot luck dinner or hire a team?
Pre-recorded music or live music?
Formal ceremony or just spontaneous 'see what happens'
I asked Willa what she wanted to achieve and she said that she would like to honour each of her closest friends. We talked of various options but the one she was happiest with was to take the time to create a gift and speak of what she appreciated to each person. This took quite a few weeks to prepare.

Also, unknown to Willa, her husband, Peter, had contacted me and he wanted to create a 'book of gratitude'. We compiled this heartfelt gift over two months and it was an unexpected treasure for Willa on the night of her party.

On the night of Willa's birthday a beautiful feast was prepared. Then, before the dessert, the guests moved so they could be seated and see Willa. For each friend she had printed a photograph of them from a time they had spent together and written a letter of gratitude on the back. She spoke briefly to each person in turn and handed them the gift. It was simple, yet stunningly beautiful and perfect.
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what people say about wendy's birthday celebrations

Quotation MarkWith Wendy's consultation and advice, turning 60 became a conscious, joyful, stress-free process. For me the night was a true celebration of friendship. I felt recognised and seen for who I am and my life acknowledged in a very sweet, loving way. And I had fun showing my appreciation of what my friends mean to me and I now have an even deeper connection with everyone who came. Wendy weaves wonderful magic! She is creative, intuitive and original.
Willa Hogarth, Coffs Harbour, NSW 

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