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Wedding e-book and Speech e-book

Wedding e-book and Speech e-book

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    • Create Your Own Inspiring Wedding Ceremony e-Book
    • How to Create an Inspiring Speech for Grooms (& Brides!)
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    Create Your Own Inspiring Wedding Ceremony e-Book

    This expert guide will help you to create your own inspiring wedding ceremony! You will receive:

      1. Beautiful examples of how other couples have planned their special day, and brides and grooms share their stories and insights into what worked for them
      2. Great ideas that will help you to find exactly the right words you want
      3. 15 complete ceremonies that are primarily civil ceremonies, including ceremonies written for same sex couples, and there are examples of ceremonies based upon Christian and Buddhist ideals as well.
      4. Great ideas and tips on how to structure your own beautiful wedding ceremony from start to finish
      5. How to write heartfelt vows
      6. Who to include - how and why
      7. Discover "The Love Letter"
      8. The beautiful hand ceremony
      9. And a wealth of inspiring words, stories, vows and ceremonies

    How to Create an Inspiring Speech

    This expert guide offers everything you need to write the best wedding speech ever! In the space of just a few short hours, with 'Create an Inspiring Speech for Grooms (and Brides!)', you could have your speech in the bag and be rehearsing it on your way to that suit fitting!

    Celebrant and Author Wendy HaynesAbout the Author

    One of Australia's leading civil celebrants Wendy Haynes is a true expert in the field of creating celebrations that are meaningful, heartfelt, fun and, most of all, inspiring. Based in the coastal holiday city of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia, Wendy facilitates celebrations for couples and families from all over the world including Australia, United Kingdom and the United States. Having conducted over 1,500 ceremonies, Wendy has put her experiences into writing and is the author of seven popular books.