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the candle ceremony blessing

If a couple request a candle ceremony, with the mothers lighting the candles, I ask them if they would like their mums to read a short blessing after the candles have been lit.

With the couples permission (as they have to want this to happen) I love ringing the mothers of the bride and groom and having a chat about what they might like to say at the ceremony. It's a great opportunity to meet with them over the phone and discuss what they appreciate about their son or daughter, what they love about them as a couple and what they would wish for their son or daughter's marriage.

The words chosen can honour their son or daughter and wish them, as a couple, many blessings. They could finish with a reference to the light of the candle, such as... 'and may your love and strength burn brightly like the flame of this candle.'

And it doesn't just have to be the mums who light the candles and speak a blessing - whoever it is ... planned well it is a treat!

Monique and Tim's mothers wrote a beautiful blessing each which I have posted at my blog site. It was a very special moment that everyone loved

In my latest e-book, 'Create an Inspiring Blessing or Reading' there are twenty great examples and simple prompts and ideas on how to write your own unique readings and blessings. Buy a copy now and you will be truly inspired!

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"I have had the pleasure of stumbling across your site and was compelled to send you a message simply to say how truly inspiring you are Wendy. I am eagerly awaiting my AG accreditation which is due in the next couple of weeks. However, in all my researching and planning for my CMC role thus far, I've not come across any material or media that has met and further inspired my passion for embracing this new path until discovering It seems to me you arrange your words not unlike the most poetic and soulful musician might compose their innermost heartfelt piece of music. What a gift!" - Rebecca