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Civil Wedding Ceremony

getting married? create an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Quotation MarkEvery wedding ceremony is important. Whether you are eloping, hosting a small and intimate wedding, calling for a formal and traditional wedding ceremony, creating new traditions and rituals or just having a party to celebrate and inviting all your friends... when you get married you really can have the wedding ceremony you want.

Your relationship is unique and having a wedding ceremony that is in harmony with your beliefs, ideas and personal style will make it lots of fun, relaxed and most enjoyable for you and your family and friends.  This is the time to celebrate your love and friendship, your dreams and goals together!

Choose a celebrant that will take time to listen to your plans and ideas and complement them with their experience in a heartfelt and sincere way. There is a great chapter in my book Create Your Own Inspiring Wedding Ceremony that will guide you in your choice.

Take the time to really explore what you want to say to each other, and what you want the celebrant to say. To assist you in finding the best words to convey your feelings and reflections upon marriage, you may want to have fun and write each other a 'love letter' following the guidelines in my fabulous book, Create Your Own Inspiring Wedding Ceremony. Your 'love letter's' can then very easily become the foundation of your marriage ceremony... and you will have had a great time doing it. Writing a ceremony has never been this much fun!

This is a beautiful and easy to use handbook that includes a rich and varied selection of wedding ceremonies and wedding vows to get you started. There are many ways in which to include family members and friends, cultural symbols, poems or songs if you so desire. You can easily create a wedding ceremony that you are both really happy with.

Michael and Rebel, who were married at the Promised Lands said,
"Our wedding day was perfect. Wendy supported us, through her wonderful book, to create a truly moving ceremony that reflected us, our journey and our spirit. We were able to include everything we wanted into the ceremony and the delivery was outstanding. Wendy's calm and bright nature were wonderful, we were so at ease. Thank you... forever... Wendy!! Amazing!"

I love my work as a celebrant and now, by sharing my many years of experiences in the wedding book, I am delighted that they are being used by many couples and celebrants across Australia.

Know that you can have a truly beautiful wedding ceremony that you will remember joyfully for the rest of your lives.


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