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Online Funeral & Memorial Ceremonies, A Comprehensive Guide by Wendy Haynes


Cost:  FREE - Contributions most welcome. See link below.

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This is a comprehensive guide to conducting online funeral and memorial ceremonies using the platform Zoom. The guide includes a step by step layout to conducting an online ceremony, comprehensive checklists, an example of a ceremony script. There are also tips on how to encourage people to take care of themselves during the ceremony, how to connect with others online, how to best support yourself before, during and after the ceremony, how to create a computer teleprompter, working with an interpreter, sample images and run sheets and lots more.





Your financial investment and contribution will support projects and ceremonies (for families that may not be able to afford them at this time) that are dedicated to creating connection, compassion, care and presence. It will also support the IT staff and administration staff who are part of my dedicated team. Thank you.



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