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the wedding ushers - the meeters and greeters!

quotation markThe act of welcoming guests to a ceremony or celebration is quite often overlooked and definitely under-rated. However, the ritual of ‘meeting and greeting’ plays an important role in bringing the guests together and creating a relaxed atmosphere.  In any ceremony, it is the collective energy of the participants and the guests that combine to ‘make’ the ceremony. Nerves are usually inevitable, not just for the couple who may be the centre of attention, but possibly also for some of the guests.

This is especially so for someone who may be uncomfortable in social situations or who may not know many of the other guests. Though this nervousness can contribute to the excitement of the event, in some cases it can also prevent someone from really enjoying the ceremony and reception. A simple greeting and, where necessary, an introduction to one or two other guests can go a long way to making someone feel comfortable enough to enjoy the ceremony at a more relaxed level.

The ushers can say hello to each guest, introduce themselves and offer thanks for coming to the ceremony. This does make a difference. Naturally you will want to choose people for this who are gregarious and warm in nature – people who will smile and really welcome people.

The ushers can present guests with the order of service sheets, lei’s or blessing scarves if you are having them.

It may also be appropriate if the bride or groom’s mother is without a partner, to have one of the ushers escort the mother to her seat and then again to the reception.

At the end of the ceremony, they can direct people to the reception venue and ensure that all the guests have transport if it is at another venue.

information that you will need to give to the ushers:

  • Where to go for the ceremony and when to arrive. If there are order of service leaflets, where will these be and is there enough for one per person or just one for a family?
  • Are you having guests sit either side of the venue according to which side of the family they are on? If so, when guests arrive the ushers will need to direct them to their seats by asking whose side they are from.
  • Let the ushers know which family members will be seated at the front and have them reserve these seats.
  • A list of contact details of key people involved with the wedding (the bride and groom, bridal party, chauffeurs, wedding coordinator, wedding and reception venue, parents of the bride and groom, the celebrant, photographer etc)
  • You may want to ask the best man to check with the ushers when he arrives to make sure they are all organised and smiling!
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Heidi, Cairns
Hi Wendy, I have been reading through your site and from feeling overwhelmed at the whole wedding planning now feel more relaxed!

Candy & Lincoln, Sydney, NSW
Your book gave us an insight as to what the important aspects of a perfect ceremony are. Had I not read your book I don’t know whether I would have put so much thought into the most memorable part of our wedding.
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