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Do I want to marry this couple?

MEMORIES OF WEDDINGS PAST - I remember being quite alarmed when I met this couple for the first time. When I opened my front door and welcomed them into my home the groom was holding their beautiful new born baby. The baby looked a little treasure fast asleep. I acknowledged their baby and the groom said, 'yeah, the little ##@!! didn't sleep last night'.  ... read more

Wet Weather Changes to a Ceremony

What happens when you have planned for the perfect day out on the headland and the weather has other ideas!  Well, with Frank and Shay this is exactly what happened.  ... read more

Fiji Hindi Wedding Ceremony

According to The Fiji Islands Magazine just over 38% of the population of Fiji are Hindus. The Hindu marriage ceremony begins months in advance. According the Islands Magazine, the most important rite on the wedding day is the Agni parinaya. This takes place when the couple walk around the fire seven times. They also take seven steps guided by seven white lines drawn on the ground.   ... read more

Wedding Poems and Verses - Foundations of Friendship by Wendy Haynes

Trust, compatibility and ease with each other
Are the foundations of your friendship
Which is your gift to each other
Take time with one another
Hold each other often
Speak with honesty and care
Listen with respect and trust
Both give and receive your love and friendship with an open heart
May this keep your marriage strong and vibrant
And may you hold hands for many years to come as you walk together
May you keep your love fresh and alive
Keeping the joy in your lives and in your marriage  ... read more

Treasure Chests and Time Capsules for Wedding Ceremonies

Meaningful rituals and ceremonies can offer support and a sense of belonging in both the positive and challenging times. I am reminded of the family who created a treasure chest when their mother/grandmother died. Each of the family members collected an item that reminded them of their mother/grandmother to place in the treasure chest. As each item was placed in the chest the person told a story about their chosen item. It was an opportunity to honour all the precious gifts and memories the deceased had brought into their lives. They laughed and cried and connected as a family in what was a very difficult time.   ... read more

Reading for a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings at this time of year are such a treat. It's not too hot in the sun and there is a gentle southerly it can be perfect. I was just cleaning up some files and I found these words that I wrote for a ceremony a few years ago.  ... read more

Wedding Poems and Verses - Our Shared Love by Wendy Haynes

Our love is rich
With trust, honesty and freedom
Freedom to be, freedom to love
to laugh and cry
to dance and to be still
The joy of being happy with oneself,
expands our joy with each other
Embracing our time together
and enjoying our time we have apart
Our willingness and presence to be alert,
awake and conscious,
gives our relationship strength,
softness and beauty.
Conscious of our own and the others needs and expectations.
Awareness of the grace that underlies our experiences,
our troubles, our challenges
Alert to the preciousness and sensitivity of all human love
Our shared love is a gift
A rich and priceless gift  ... read more


Following on from previous posts about being respectful... as the celebrant, being conscious of the layout of the ceremony and the choreography. For example, when moving to undertake the signing of the documents, direct the couple to move to the signing table first and then follow. It may seem obvious to most however it is worth mentioning and is an important part of the choreography of a ceremony and shows great respect to the parties.  ... read more


  ... read more


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