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7 Tips for Calmness

My yoga teacher, Trish Brown, sent me a beautiful email with seven tips for bringing calm into your life. How I love calmness and a sense of ease. Loving life is an art. And art sometimes requires techniques and tools. Planning a wedding is also an art and these tips may help you to stay calm and organised...

1. Meditation is the best thing we’ve found for touching some inner peace. Just 5 minutes is all it takes – ideally when you first wake up. Just sit up in bed and focus on your calm, long breath coming in and out of the nose.

2. Get enough sleep! Most of us make do with too little rest, which can make us irritable and less immune to stress. Try going to bed earlier and getting up earlier, making sure that you get around 8 hours if possible. You’ll feel the benefits of being well-rested. 

3. Have a retreat. It doesn’t need to be on a desert island, even staying at home will do. Some people I know put up a tent in the garden and take time to be with nature. Others have a fast from the media, phones and computers for 24 hours and take more time for yoga and reflection. Others take more time to nourish their bodies with especially healthy foods, massages and pampering. You deserve a break – even if it is at home!

4. Watch a free video from the Dru Online studio team, giving solutions to any stress you may have in your life.

5. If you’re feeling stressed, then do more physical exercise. We particularly recommend a brisk walk, a powerful Dru Yoga sequence or Dru Dance. Get your heart racing in a healthy way and the stress will melt away.

6. Make lists. Before you go to bed, prioritize what you need to achieve the next day, and write it down. That way, your mind will be free from worrying about it while you’re trying to sleep. Then review your list the next morning, and create an action plan.

7. Count your blessings. It may sound clichéd, but by focusing on the things that are going right, we can keep a better sense of perspective. You can be grateful for your health, your family, your active mind, the beauty of life…

Take care of yourself, and have a good week! With warm wishes from all at Dru!

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