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A few more ideas

Family traditions

Re-lighting the candle/s at other key moments in their lives can be a potent reminder of the special times and be the start of a family tradition. I have had couples re-light their marriage candle at their children’s naming ceremony to symbolize the strength and love of their marriage illuminating throughout their lives and their wish to keep it burning brightly. Another couple chose to light their marriage candle every evening at the dinner table. They replaced it with another beautiful candle when the time came, lighting the new candle using the flame of the first one.

There are variations on the candle ceremonies in my wedding and naming books.

Outside of the marriage candle ceremony I enjoy lighting a candle when a group of friends are gathered at my home for a meal or, I will bring a lit candle into my presence when I need insight or a focus for reflection. I would often light a candle at OPD sessions I conducted to honour the inspiration and support I have received from celebrants and other business people and the joy of 'shining out' the information to others.

Consider the possible meaning of lighting a candle and light a bright flame today. May your inspiration and love shine out!

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