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Family and Friends in Your Wedding Ceremony

Inviting family and friends to join in with the ceremony is a great way to enliven the energy amongst the guests. Most people love to be involved! One way is to verbally invite the guests to join in loudly and joyously in the refrain. For example:

Celebrant: They ask you, their closest friends and family, to support them in this commitment to their marriage. To help them work together, to laugh together, to raise a family and create a healthy life together. 

They ask you to remember this day and if, in the years to come, this fades from their memories, they ask you to be their reminder. 

To tell them that there is love here and that what they have is worth upholding. 

Are you willing as their closest family and friends to support and uphold them not only today but in the many years to come? If so, would you please respond with a hearty 'we will'! 

Guests: We will!

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