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Games and Icebreakers for Weddings

Wedding games and icebreakersGames and icebreakers for weddings can be lots of fun… our family has always loved playing games however there is a cautionary warning, not every guest will want to join in. Some will hear the word, ‘game’ and make a bolt for the door. Others will groan, but despite themselves will have fun!

Of course, they are fun things to do that don’t necessarily involve ‘playing a game’ like the cootie catchers or as I knew them the ‘fortune tellers’. Do you remember them from primary school?

Little paper squares folded origami style with different outcomes proposed on each opening face. I found these beautiful Cootie Catchers made by Darling Girl Paper. They are very cute and a great way to include:

  • quiz questions about the bride and groom
  • special readings
  • wedding vows
  • menu choices
  • bridal party trivia
  • thank you’s
  • icebreaker questions to share with your table eg: ‘Have you ever…?’ How did you meet Terry and Chris?’
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