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Hearts in the Sand and Candles in the Chapel

Standing on the headland looking over the sandy beach, watching the waves rolling in, I smiled as I saw the men in the bridal party preparing the love heart for the bride and groom to stand in for the wedding ceremony. They carefully selected the rocks, for the right size and shape and placed them in a heart shape, creating a sacred space together.

Just before the bride walked down the aisle the two mum's scattered rose petals inside the circle. I had spoken with them prior to the ceremony and invited them to think of what it is like to be on this journey of marriage, of close partnership, the ups and the downs... I encouraged them to think of a blessing for their son and daughter as they scattered the petals in the love hearts. It was a lovely quiet moment we shared before the ceremony started.

There are many ways we can invite the sacred moments in to the ceremony.

Many times I have been asked to conduct a candle ceremony - after discussion with the couple as to what they want I suggest they may wish to include their parents, especially their mothers, to participate in the following way.


Very early in the wedding ceremony the two mother's light the single taper and then after the vows have been exchanged the bride and groom will light the marriage candle using the tapers.


I invite the mum's, prior to the ceremony, to consider the following prompts: What do they love about their son/daughter? What do they appreciate about the relationship they witness? What do they see as the strengths in the relationship? And lastly, what they would wish for them?


Using their ideas they may want to offer a beautiful blessing that can be said out loud or just privately reflected upon as they light the individual tapers. (I offer to help them craft this blessing if they need assistance).


It would also work, if the parents didn't want to read their blessing that the celebrant can offer it at the same time as the lighting.


Of course, you could invite dads, siblings, grandparents, bridal party or special friends to do the honours. You can even have more than two tapers if need be!


photo credit: seyed mostafa zamani via photopin cc

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