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Little Ones Walking Down the Aisle

flower girl
Some young children love the spotlight, love the attention, the camera's and will charm your guests with their smiles and antics. However, others can get quite upset at the thought of walking down the aisle in front of your wedding guests. Whatever their level of confidence, have the main focus on ensuring it is fun for the child. If they decide they don't want to walk down have their mother, father, cousin...whoever they feel safe and happy with, hold their hand or carry them down the aisle (or just let it go all together!)

One simple 'game' to play to help them focus is to place about 6 -8  large flat shells or cut out paper flowers evenly spaced down the aisle and ask your little flower girl to place a handful of petals on each one. The children I have seen do this absolutely love it and get down to the front almost unaware of being watched and having a lot of fun.

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