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Making the wedding last longer!

Monday, November 19, 2012

One comment I hear a lot from couples when asked if they would do it differently... 'we wanted it to last longer!' Take your time. Plan well ahead, especially the week before the wedding. Go out for dinner or lunch with the bridal party and family, enjoy spending time with your guests before the event. Book in a massage, a walk along the beach with your fiance, a movie night with the girls... to make time for this, delegate tasks so you are not running around too busy for sharing time with your guests having fun. Make the reception preparation part of the celebration. Turn up the music, invite a few girlfriends to help, don't be fussy, be clear on your instructions to the helpers... and, hey, if possible, hand it over!

Take your time on the day. Give yourself plenty of time for getting ready, plan to be ready half an hour before you need to be, because then you feel more relaxed, more present and more able to be with those around you and smell the roses.

Take your time during the wedding ceremony. Pause before you walk in, pause as you first spy each other. Stop, relax and enjoy.

Take your time during the reception. Make a commitment to get together on the hour and pause together to notice all the lovely friends around you, hug each other. Enjoy the celebration by stopping and soaking it in. Smile a lot :)

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