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More Great Icebreakers for Your Wedding Reception

wedding receptionIf you know you have many people from different walks of your life coming to your wedding assign the role of ‘gracious host’ to one of your more gregarious friends.

Compile a fact sheet about your guests for them to commit to memory (or have a small note card that can be referred to discreetly) and then as they move around the room they can offer introductions and give people an idea of who the other is and where they have interests in common.

David, I hear you were in the Andes climbing last year. Have you met Sally, she has just completed a photo shoot for the Geo magazine.

Grandpa, how is your garden going? This is the groom's niece and she has just started as a volunteer at the local community garden.

Bob, this is my co-worker, James who is a great fan of Led Zeppelin. James, Bob and I watched the Kennedy Centre Honours last week, wow, it was amazing!

These can be great conversations starters putting people in touch with their commonalities.

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