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Mother of the Bride Speech

mother of the bride speech
I received an email from a friend, Trina, whose daughter is getting married. (Her daughter is now happily married by the time this goes to air). She wrote and asked me for help with her speech for the reception.

Trina wrote, '(Wendy), as you know she is the most gorgeous of blessings and treasures to me I want to speak from the heart about my love and gratefulness for such a gift as a daughter that she is but I don’t want it to be a sobby dribble'.

Sobby Dribble - now there's a new word for the dictionary but it sums up that moment when you cannot help yourself but be overcome with emotion. I have put some tips after Trina's speech for coping with 'sobby dribble' moments!

Reading Trina's words of love and appreciation was heart warming and it didn't take much to create a speech using her ideas. It was all there in her expression of gratitude.

Trina's speech to her daughter.

It is with incredible love, joy and pride that I stand here today to wish my beautiful daughter, a blessed life, full of happiness, joy and much laughter. And if there is any such thing as angels – Amy is one.

Amy is the sunshine to all that know her and truly, as all children are, the most beautiful gift and blessing I have ever been given.

As a little girl Amy was always happy, always finding good, in all creatures and her aura of gentleness was like honey to the bees, attracting everyone to her.

Amy your kindness and generosity, your calmness and strength are inspirational. Your wisdom and maturity are beyond your years. These qualities permeate every aspect of your life. As a mother and as a partner you are a natural mum, giving my beautiful grandchildren a blessed life of love, fun and caring. You really are a mother goddess meant for a tribe of little ones around you and yes I believe a tribe you will have.

Amy you have a beautiful partner in Beau, and I am proud of you both. Beau I value the love, laughter and security that you give to my daughter. Together you both create a wonderful family. I know Amy loves you with all of her heart and that you are her true friend and true love.

You were both so very young when you first met eight years ago. You have weathered some tough storms together and stayed by each others side, and I respect you both for that. We only have to look at Byron and Tia to see how much love, security and ease there is in your family. Your love and respect for each other is reflected in your beautiful children- such exquisite little ones - Byron and Tia – you know how much I love them…to the moon and back!

Amy I know there were times that were not easy for us, I remember the challenges we had in your teens and I know we have talked about this but I want you to know that sometimes as parents we don’t always get it right and that we have many lessons to learn. Children are the greatest gift and we gain so much and learn so much from our children, I am grateful that I have learned a great deal from you my darling daughter. I am delighted with whom you have become and very proud of you, even if at times I did get in your way. All these memories add to the richness of our relationship and the treasured friendship I have with you, which makes me feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have you not only as my daughter but as my very best friend.

And now that you are grown I may not hold your hand each day but I will always hold onto your heart.

Amy and Beau you have Domenic and my support and love for you as a couple, and as a family. May you both be blessed with much happiness, love and laughter and may today’s joy always stay with you. With all our heart we congratulate your commitment you have made to each other today. We love you.

These were the few tips I emailed to Trina for coping with the 'sobby dribble'

Read the speech out aloud a few times. This will familiarise yourself with the content/emotion and also serves to check the grammar. Make the necessary changes to suit your speaking style. Give it time to permeate into your being so when you read it, it becomes a natural part of your expression. (it can also help you to not become too emotional if you have spoken it a few times already) Don't worry if you do cry, stand firm on the ground, smile and know how important this is to be said clearly and publicly. Take your time, breathe well. Smile!

PS 100% guaranteed you will cry at least a little bit so just make sure you have waterproof make up on...

PPS think of me standing strong beside you as you speak (or someone you admire as a public speaker) and know that I will lend you all my strength and calmness - I have often used this technique when delivering a speech. I imagine them standing right next to me! (or you can have someone physically stand beside you if necessary to squeeze your hand and lend you their strength)

PPPS It really is ok if you cry ... then take a big breath... did i mention you have to remember to smile :)

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