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My love letters

One of the great opportunities for you as a couple getting married comes when you consider what you would like to say to one another on your wedding day. Writing a love letter and exploring what it is you love, care and appreciate about your partner is fun, easy to do and great to share.

In fact, writing love letters at any time is a great relationship booster.

One of the many things that I love about my beloved Roger, is his letter writing to me. Whenever either one of us is away from home for an extended time I receive postcards and/or long descriptive letters. At the moment he is on holiday in India. I came back a week ago and our emails are flowing daily. 

While I am very happy he is following his call to be in Tiruvanamali I miss his companionship although I always feel his presence with me. Roger's emails are rich with detail of his walks up the sacred mountain, Arunachala, meetings with 'remarkable men' and connections with our friends and other ordinary occasions in his day to day life there. 

And there, amongst the lines, are his messages of care, of interest, of taking time to share with me... and of course, words of appreciation and love. We both know the depth of our love, but to have it written and expressed feels wonderful and heart opening.

Letters/emails are a great way of keeping in touch to make someone feel special. Surprise your beloved by writing them a love letter or better still do it together - and then read them to each other. 

Or extend out beyond your beloved.... is there a family member, a young cousin, an old aunt or friend, a neighbour you would like to write to today and send a message of love their way? Especially someone who might need to know they are loved during this Christmas holiday season?

Rog and Wendy - Easter weekend 

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