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Reading for a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings at this time of year are such a treat. It's not too hot in the sun and there is a gentle southerly it can be perfect. I was just cleaning up some files and I found these words that I wrote for a ceremony a few years ago.

The grains of sand under your feet represent the countless moments that have brought you to this place in time: your experiences, your friendships, your family, your journeys. They also represent the many days you will share together.

The ocean represents the endless supply of love that is present and while at times things may get wild and woolly like crashing waves, your love, like the ocean, is always present, and calm will come again.

The changing ebb and flow of the tides represents the inevitable changes within the constancy of your love.

The rocks represent the strength of your individual self that you can both rely upon in times of need.

Let the gentle breeze remind you not to take things too seriously and to let your hair down and laugh often.

The sun represents the warmth and passion of your friendship and love. Let it shine on!

(or if its cloudly/rainy... even though today it is cloudy, your love like the sun will always shine

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Hope you have a great day today!

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