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Recognising marriage equality at your wedding

A couple I am marrying in September just wrote to me asking about the possibility of voicing their support of gay marriage and letting it be known that they weren't happy with the inequality of the current Marriage Act in Australia that states, marriage is the union of a man and a woman. 

I’m more than happy to include the following statement which will come after the legal monitum. 

“Marriage is a celebration of the value that couples place on support, companionship, intimacy, loyalty and family; it publicly honours their connection, sense of mutual trust, honesty and a willingness to be and grow together. John and Sarah, and many of us here, look forward to the day when the legal recognition of a civil right, the union of marriage, be allowed for same sex couples who may also wish to choose this form of celebration for their shared love and commitment.” 

Also I found this website, Offbeat Bride, that has some great ideas if you wish to recognise marriage equality at your wedding.

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