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Honouring parents, children or the bridal party can be embraced in many ways. Here are a few ideas:

Paying respect to a family member or close guest who cannot be present or who has died can involve speaking a few words or be a symbolic gesture such as the lighting of a candle or an acknowledgement of a photograph or representation of the person.  Ensure that the key people feel comfortable with what has been decided.

Before the ceremony starts often the mother of the bride will arrive with the bride and her father. After I have greeted the bride and ensured she is ready, I would then offer to escort the mother of the bride to her seat before her daughter’s entrance. This is a beautiful non verbal show of respect and courtesy that can be friendly, quiet and non fussy. The family may wish to ask another family member or possibly one of the groomsmen to be the escort.

At one of my earlier weddings I was packing up my things after most of the guests had moved to the reception venue when I found the mother of the bride, who was single, in tears in the car park. She had been collecting the last of the things from the chapel and realised that she had not organised a lift to the next venue. She had arrived with the bride and yet in the busyness that followed had no plans for this transition. Almost everyone had left without realising the dilemma. It highlighted to me the importance of small details such as this. I make a point, when knowing that a parent or grandparent may be at the ceremony on their own, to ask if the couple thinks this person would like an escort, a brother or an uncle for example, to get them a drink, take them to the next venue or ask for the first dance. It has been appreciated many times.

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