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Respect and Gratitude in a Wedding Ceremony

We can all appreciate the value of respect and gratitude in our lives. Whether you are a celebrant conducting a celebration or you are planning a ceremony in your life there are profound opportunities for deepening our connection to others and building community by considering these two qualities – respect and gratitude, and the way we can represent them to others.

Webster's Online Dictionary gives the synonyms, ‘to value’ and ‘show courtesy to’, for the word respect and defines gratitude as ‘a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation’. Respect requires our attentiveness to others; it calls for inclusiveness, empathy and compassion. Gratitude requires an open heart. The willingness to express these qualities in our ceremonies … and in our lives is invaluable.

As a professional celebrant respect is a natural part of our service to couples and would be displayed in many ways prior to the ceremony starting – respecting our client’s choices and supporting them to have the ceremony they want, offering a high standard of service and attention, punctuality and excellent presentation – just to mention the obvious ones.

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