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Silence in Wedding Ceremonies

Miki and Joe's wedding, in early August, was on the long stretch of beach at Mudjimba. I have known Miki since she was a very young girl and I have always enjoyed her company. When I met her fiance I was delighted. Joe is a perfect match for Miki - thoughtful, sincere with a strong heart.

Their wedding was beautiful for many reasons. Miki and Joe were radiating an uplifting sense of calm and joy; the setting was perfect; their families were full of excitement and supportive; the breeze was gentle; the ocean was blue...

I called in their sixty guests to stand in a circle on the sand and welcomed them to the magnificent venue and special occasion. At Miki and Joe's request, I invited guests to refrain from using camera's during the ceremony and invited them to 'hold the silence' while we waited for the bridal party.

Everyone honoured this request and for ten minutes the guests embraced the invitation to really enjoy the beauty and bring their full attention to the moment. The silence was a force that was powerful and evocative. There was no music played as Miki, escorted by her father, and her bridesmaids walked into the ceremonial area. It was truly a magical moment to be a part of.

Everyone was smiling and all that could be heard were the waves rolling in, gently lapping on the sand.

The feedback from guests later was affirming - it was indeed a rich moment to behold. Silence is golden.

Silence in Wedding Ceremonies

Not everyone feels at ease with quiet moments in a group and I have had ceremonies where 'holding the silence' doesn't work as well. Guests will whisper or laugh because they feel nervous or uncomfortable. It can help people to feel more comfortable if you give clear instructions on how long the silence will be for and also suggest prompts to reflect upon or give focus to something in particular (the venue, the couple, connection to others...).

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