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Art in Ceremony 5

At Sharon’s blessingway ceremony (a ceremony for offering blessings for a mum to be) her women friends attending were invited to paint a design on her beautiful pregnant belly. Sharon was seven and a half months pregnant and enjoyed the attention. We talked about what she would like for the design and then the eight of us took turns using a henna painting kit.  It took just over an hour to complete… there was lots of laughter and quiet moments… and the baby seemed to love it as well. Sharon’s belly looked beautiful!

I have always felt that the ceremony is more than just the moment on the big day. It is the planning, the meetings and the contributions of all those helping, involved and invited. There are many opportunities to be simply creative and often the outcome far exceeds expectations. People are innately artistic and creative, despite their pleas otherwise, and I am inspired by what arises when people are given the space …and no pressure to contribute.

I would love to hear from you if you have any ideas or stories to add to this topic.

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Art in Ceremony 3

Holding to the theme of painting – at a wedding celebration I conducted a few years ago on the Gold Coast the guests were invited to place their hand print on a large canvas. The couple had delegated a friend to assist guests and there was plenty of clean water and towels to wash their hands. This took place just prior to the start of the ceremony as guests were waiting for the bride to arrive. Luckily there were no accidents with the paint! The completed canvas was placed at the back of the venue during the ceremony and I referred to it during the ceremony as a representation of all the love and support that was present and offered that it would be a reminder that the couple would always have plenty of ‘hands on deck’ if they needed to call upon their family and friends for support.  ... read more

Art in Ceremony 2

At another ceremony, on the Friday before the celebration on Saturday the couple had brought lots of white 20x20cm stretched canvases, watercolours, acrylic paints and brushes. They invited their guests who had arrived in the afternoon to paint a small picture that would adorn the ceremonial area the following day. There was no pressure to do so and they didn't expect everyone to participate, yet with the exception of a 14 year old nephew everyone did! They still have many of these small paintings up in their room as a memento of that special weekend and the family and friends who were there. They were all very different, yet beautiful and highly creative – I am always amazed and inspired by people’s creative abilities… often just waiting to be released with a simple request such as this.  ... read more

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