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Children at Weddings

I have, for many years now, been reading age appropriate stories with young children primarily at naming ceremonies but also very occasionally at weddings.

My all time favourite for namings is Sam McBraggart's, Guess How Much I love you. I simplify the text down a bit as I show the pictures and engage fully the children, however I have noticed, and received feedback on how much the adults like it too. I gather the children together before the ceremony is due to start and then share the chosen story and lead straight into the more 'formal' ceremony. I find most adults come around too to listen.

I finish with a closing line 'and your parents love you so much, to the moon and back again'... which the children love.

It's important that the parents have read the story if you choose it as a celebrant or the parents can choose a very short story that ideally has very clear easy to see pictures.

If you or the parents are creative they you may wish to write a personal story - pictures are a must. My partner and I write personal story books for our grandchildren. He writes the poems, I take the pictures and put it together. You can get these printed at online print stores. Stories about family, about being loved, about journeys and other family tales.
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