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Honouring Mum at the Wedding

Honoring a parent in a wedding ceremonyI have just received an email from a celebrant who was asking for some ideas for a young bride who would like to light a candle at her wedding in remembrance of her mother who died when she was very young. For a bride and groom this has to be one of the hardest challenges - that of having a parent who cannot be there especially when the parent has died.

Lighting a candle for her mum is a beautiful idea. On the wedding day it will be challenging to say the least, as there may be lots of ...'if only dad could walk me down the aisle... if only mum could...'

In the planning of what to say and do at the ceremony I would encourage the person (bride or groom) to focus on their parent smiling at them, holding their hand or recalling a memory that will make them laugh and smile. In the preparation I would recommend counselling or support to release the sadness, disappointment and grief before the wedding day. If it is necessary it is better to have a 'melt down' and a really good cry before the wedding day rather than hold it in.  ... read more

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