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Music for the Wedding Reception

Bride and Groom dancing at wedding receptionMy eldest daughter had an iPod at her wedding with over 150 of their chosen songs. It went really well, they had laid back music while we were eating and great 70's music that people recognised and could sing along and dance to. They had separate playlists for entering the reception venue, the bridal dance, cutting the cake, dance time, after 10pm music, etc.

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The Power of Music in a Wedding Ceremony

Roger and I watched a beautiful program yesterday on the effect of music on people. It was a insightful look through the eyes of the Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestra and their world tour. In one part of the program they were working with beautiful Chinese bells that when played captured my attention and lifted my spirits. They were delicate and yet commanding. It reminded me of a stunning ceremony I conducted down by the banks of the Never Never River at the Promised Lands in the Bellinger Valley.   ... read more

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