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Reading for a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings at this time of year are such a treat. It's not too hot in the sun and there is a gentle southerly it can be perfect. I was just cleaning up some files and I found these words that I wrote for a ceremony a few years ago.  ... read more

Silence in Wedding Ceremonies

Miki and Joe's wedding, in early August, was on the long stretch of beach at Mudjimba. I have known Miki since she was a very young girl and I have always enjoyed her company. When I met her fiance I was delighted. Joe is a perfect match for Miki - thoughtful, sincere with a strong heart.  ... read more

Tips For Having Your Wedding In A Park, Reserve Or Outdoor Setting

Sharon and Jonathon met six years ago while travelling around England. It was a chance meeting on a walking track that was miles from anywhere. “I remember the first time I saw Sharon walking towards me, I was struck by her smile and shining eyes”. They started a conversation and met up for dinner that night in a local pub. After spending a week together ambling along country lanes it was time to part and go their separate ways. It wasn’t long however, before they met up again in Europe and from that second meeting Sharon and Jonathon have been inseparable.  Many years and stories later they decided to get married in Coffs Harbour.   ... read more

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