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A Renewal of Vows Ceremony

I received an email from a beautiful couple whose wedding I conducted ten years ago. Would I be able to conduct a renewal of vows for them?  I was so excited that I replied immediately saying, 'Yes, I would love to join them!' I sent them a few questions which I have in my renewal of vows ebook ... read more

Wise Words for Renewal of Vows

At our small and intimate celebration, many years ago now, Roger and I invited twelve guests who were staying with us the night before the ceremony to share an informal meal together. After dinner we formed a circle to discuss the topic of ‘what is marriage/union?’ Everyone had had time prior to our gathering to reflect on the question. Using a talking stick, so only one person at a time spoke, the discussion was rich, honest and at times, funny.  ... read more

Emma and Andy's Renewal of Vows Ceremony

Renewal of Vows CeremonyEmma and Andrew had planned their ceremony from London. I was fortunate enough to meet with Emma at Heathrow. She came with her son, Gabriel, and we had a chat for over an hour. It was so lovely to chat about her plans, and for Emma it was wonderful to feel connected to her celebrant - even across the other side of the planet.

It was hot out in the sun on the beachside lawns so I refrained from inviting guests forward to the ceremonial area until the last minute. Emma's mum came through from the reception area to let me know Emma had arrived, however she had to stop and feed her son. I came out and Emma and Gabriel were relaxed and seated. Gabriel had been really clingy all morning so Emma felt relieved that with a feed he would most likely sleep through the ceremony.  ... read more

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