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Do I want to marry this couple?

MEMORIES OF WEDDINGS PAST - I remember being quite alarmed when I met this couple for the first time. When I opened my front door and welcomed them into my home the groom was holding their beautiful new born baby. The baby looked a little treasure fast asleep. I acknowledged their baby and the groom said, 'yeah, the little ##@!! didn't sleep last night'.  ... read more

Creating a vision of your dream wedding and how you want to be

After twenty years of conducting ceremonies I have seen many styles of weddings - and dreams of weddings. I am highly supportive of couples have the wedding that makes them feel most relaxed and comfortable, a celebration that brings them joy and delight. Be really mindful that you don't take on more than you can do with the support you have (not hope you have!)

Keep in mind that when you are doing everything yourself you become a wedding event coordinator and finding the balance between chief organiser and guest of honour can be very hard.

I have seen stressed out brides break down and cry at the rehearsal not at the joy of being in love, rather they are having emotional breakdowns because they feel that they are doing it all on their own.  It is these brides (its not often the groom’s but they too can be super stressed especially if it's a home wedding) who take on the bulk of the planning  - colour and wedding themes, who sits where, gift placements etc that lead right up to the start of the ceremony.

Sit down together and from the very beginning of your planning create a vision not only of your ‘dream’ of the wedding and the physical aspects of what that means in term of the workload, but also how you want to ‘be’ on this special day.

Rested, relaxed, in love? I’m guessing so. Make all your plans with that in mind.  ... read more

Keeping it Close

If you can survive that, you can survive anything together!” said a groom to me recently – referring to the two months he and his now-fiancée spent travelling in a campervan overseas.

Traveling can really bring out the characters in people – they find new responsibility and enjoyment together, senses are heightened in unfamiliar places and there is plenty of time to evaluate each other. Holidays and extended traveling is fantastic for spending time relaxing and discovering… but sometimes you discover that living on each other’s toes can be great for knowing their snoring habits more than anything else. Take the time to really know each other, you wont get a better opportunity to do so!   ... read more

A Beautiful Chinese Legend

According to tradition in some countries the wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger because the vein in that finger was believed to be directly connected to the heart, a symbol of love.

However many years ago a celebrant shared with me this beautiful and convincing Chinese legend (author unknown):  ... read more

Family Tree for a Wedding

Wedding Family TreeThis is a beautiful idea for a wedding or a naming ceremony. Have a table either at your ceremony or reception venue with a beautiful drawing or painting of the outline of a tree. Be creative or keep it simple. Then place some coloured ink pads nearby and invite each of your guests to place their fingerprint on your 'family tree' symbolic of all those who support and care for you on your journey. It looks fabulous and keeps guests entertained. Have some towels/wipes on hand for cleaning up the fingers! You can either have friends just place their prints on the memento or write their names as this couple did. Enjoy!  ... read more

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