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The Wedding Dress

Bride trying on wedding dresses
The Wedding Dress has long been an integral part of the wedding day, and a blushing bride in her gorgeous gown can be a vision of beauty.

Brides can deliberate for hours over the style of the gown, and no small fortunes have been spent to get the desired look. I read an article in the Canberra Times, when visiting recently, that at the Hyatt Wedding Expo they noted a trend for brides in the last season to purchase two wedding dresses, for a costume change halfway through the day!  ... read more

Your Heritage

Grandmother's Wedding Dress
Where did your parents meet and where was their wedding? Did they share a honey moon and what did they feel on their big day? Some might have felt joy or sadness, or responsibility; and certainly each marriage brings a different story.

Talk to your families (or if they have passed away, perhaps do some family history research). Everyone has a story to tell and you might just glean a side to your family tapestry that you did not know – and that information might help you prepare for your own feelings on your wedding day, and share the moments with your parents or grandparents. If you are interested in the stories and the traditions used by your elders you can always honour some of them in your own ceremony.   ... read more

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