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Flowers for Your Wedding Day

Wedding flowers
You might have flipped through your umpteenth glossy flower magazine and decided that a dome of red roses just isn’t your thing – or maybe it is! Either way, where do you start when talking about flowers for your wedding? Contacting your local florist and booking in to have a bridal consultation is a very good idea, but don’t go to the first meeting empty handed; your florist might be talented but they aren’t always mind readers and you don’t want to waste both of your time looking through magazines in their shop!

Prepare some ideas; start with colour of your wedding, shape of your dress and the general theme of your day. Have you got a location decided for your ceremony and reception – will this dictate the theme (old barn, modern restaurant, beachside café, local dance hall?). Decide before you go to the florist on who you would like to have flowers on the day – just the bride, or perhaps the whole wedding party. Mums, dads and grandparents can feel special with a token buttonaire, but it’s really up to you. And most important of all; have a good idea on how much you would like to spend before you go.   ... read more

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