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Treasure Chests and Time Capsules for Wedding Ceremonies

Meaningful rituals and ceremonies can offer support and a sense of belonging in both the positive and challenging times. I am reminded of the family who created a treasure chest when their mother/grandmother died. Each of the family members collected an item that reminded them of their mother/grandmother to place in the treasure chest. As each item was placed in the chest the person told a story about their chosen item. It was an opportunity to honour all the precious gifts and memories the deceased had brought into their lives. They laughed and cried and connected as a family in what was a very difficult time.   ... read more

The Presence/Presents of Family and Friends

The presence of family and friends in the life of a couple and a family can be a true blessing. Having a community of close people who uphold and support them through all the changes, without judgement or pressure is a great gift. The demonstration of family and community support is often an important aspect of wedding celebrations.  ... read more

Wedding presents - how much and what sort?

"How much is the right amount to spend on wedding presents? And what sorts of presents are appropriate?  These questions are becoming more pertinent since an increasing number of couples are asking for cash and creating gift registries" writes Australian produced website, My Budget. They have some great ideas on the topic of ‘gifts' whether you are the bride and groom or the guest going to the wedding.  ... read more

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