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Yet Another Wedding Reception Game

At an informal wedding that I went to the MC invited everyone to stand and then said  ... read more

Playing Trivia at Your Wedding Reception

Some people are naturally gregarious and have no trouble connecting, others may choose not to join in any icebreakers … choice is important. Trivia questions for each table that don’t require everyone to join in work well so Uncle John can sit back and just listen and not have to talk. He might even find that despite himself he cannot help but add to the conversation.  ... read more

Even More Icebreakers for Your Wedding Reception

Wedding place cardsSimilar to the last blog… write an interesting piece of information about each guest and place them on their neighbour’s place card.

Steve is a geophysicist and spends three months every year in Papua New Guinea and loves to play cards.

To make a game of it… write three facts about the person. Two truthful ones and one false statement. Have the guests at each table figure out which fact is not true. You can glean this information about those guests who you know less by asking them to RSVP with the information.  ... read more

More Great Icebreakers for Your Wedding Reception

wedding receptionIf you know you have many people from different walks of your life coming to your wedding assign the role of ‘gracious host’ to one of your more gregarious friends.

Compile a fact sheet about your guests for them to commit to memory (or have a small note card that can be referred to discreetly) and then as they move around the room they can offer introductions and give people an idea of who the other is and where they have interests in common.  ... read more

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