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Treasure Chests and Time Capsules for Wedding Ceremonies

Meaningful rituals and ceremonies can offer support and a sense of belonging in both the positive and challenging times. I am reminded of the family who created a treasure chest when their mother/grandmother died. Each of the family members collected an item that reminded them of their mother/grandmother to place in the treasure chest. As each item was placed in the chest the person told a story about their chosen item. It was an opportunity to honour all the precious gifts and memories the deceased had brought into their lives. They laughed and cried and connected as a family in what was a very difficult time.   ... read more

Marriage Candle Ceremonies

I visited some of the old churches in England on my travels which are rich in history and ceremony. Many of these ancient buildings are open to the public during the day and offer a quiet sanctuary in the middle of a city or village. In all of the churches I have been to they have an array of candles, with one always permanently lit (albeit, sometimes an artificial light symbolic of a burning candle). In some churches visitors are welcome to light a candle and ask for support or offer a prayer. The sight of a group of small flickering flames representing prayers and blessings always touches me.  ... read more

Children at Weddings

I have, for many years now, been reading age appropriate stories with young children primarily at naming ceremonies but also very occasionally at weddings.

My all time favourite for namings is Sam McBraggart's, Guess How Much I love you. I simplify the text down a bit as I show the pictures and engage fully the children, however I have noticed, and received feedback on how much the adults like it too. I gather the children together before the ceremony is due to start and then share the chosen story and lead straight into the more 'formal' ceremony. I find most adults come around too to listen.

I finish with a closing line 'and your parents love you so much, to the moon and back again'... which the children love.

It's important that the parents have read the story if you choose it as a celebrant or the parents can choose a very short story that ideally has very clear easy to see pictures.

If you or the parents are creative they you may wish to write a personal story - pictures are a must. My partner and I write personal story books for our grandchildren. He writes the poems, I take the pictures and put it together. You can get these printed at online print stores. Stories about family, about being loved, about journeys and other family tales.
  ... read more

The Presence/Presents of Family and Friends

The presence of family and friends in the life of a couple and a family can be a true blessing. Having a community of close people who uphold and support them through all the changes, without judgement or pressure is a great gift. The demonstration of family and community support is often an important aspect of wedding celebrations.  ... read more

Wise Words for Renewal of Vows

At our small and intimate celebration, many years ago now, Roger and I invited twelve guests who were staying with us the night before the ceremony to share an informal meal together. After dinner we formed a circle to discuss the topic of ‘what is marriage/union?’ Everyone had had time prior to our gathering to reflect on the question. Using a talking stick, so only one person at a time spoke, the discussion was rich, honest and at times, funny.  ... read more

Wise Words at Weddings

At one of my very early weddings nearly twenty years ago I was asked to invite guests to speak words of support or give their advice on what it takes to have a ‘great marriage’. I was a little nervous at first, having never opened the floor to spontaneous speaking from guests at a wedding before however, I had primed a few people before the ceremony started and had no need to be concerned.   ... read more

Tips For Having Your Wedding In A Park, Reserve Or Outdoor Setting

Sharon and Jonathon met six years ago while travelling around England. It was a chance meeting on a walking track that was miles from anywhere. “I remember the first time I saw Sharon walking towards me, I was struck by her smile and shining eyes”. They started a conversation and met up for dinner that night in a local pub. After spending a week together ambling along country lanes it was time to part and go their separate ways. It wasn’t long however, before they met up again in Europe and from that second meeting Sharon and Jonathon have been inseparable.  Many years and stories later they decided to get married in Coffs Harbour.   ... read more

Handfasting Ceremonies

I was invited to conduct a handfasting ceremony on a beautiful property at Dorrigo, in northern NSW.  The garden, where the ceremony was held, was a maze of pathways that were an invitation to wander through the terraced beds of flowers and shrubs down to a cleared area which overlooked the lush, green hills. In the northern corner stood a big oak tree which had seen many family occasions. It was gnarled and beautiful and was decorated with a big yellow ribbon around its huge trunk.   ... read more

Family and Friends in Your Wedding Ceremony

Inviting family and friends to join in with the ceremony is a great way to enliven the energy amongst the guests. Most people love to be involved! One way is to verbally invite the guests to join in loudly and joyously in the refrain. For example:  ... read more

Blessings on a Marriage

The first time I heard this next blessing was when I was the celebrant for a wedding in Maleny. It was held at the stunningly beautiful Solothurn Chapel. The acoustics in the chapel are divine! This blessing is designed to be called by the reader with guests responding. At the wedding I attended, the mother and stepfather read each alternate paragraph. It worked really well.  ... read more

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