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Wedding presents - how much and what sort?

"How much is the right amount to spend on wedding presents? And what sorts of presents are appropriate?  These questions are becoming more pertinent since an increasing number of couples are asking for cash and creating gift registries" writes Australian produced website, My Budget. They have some great ideas on the topic of ‘gifts' whether you are the bride and groom or the guest going to the wedding.  ... read more

Creating a vision of your dream wedding and how you want to be

After twenty years of conducting ceremonies I have seen many styles of weddings - and dreams of weddings. I am highly supportive of couples have the wedding that makes them feel most relaxed and comfortable, a celebration that brings them joy and delight. Be really mindful that you don't take on more than you can do with the support you have (not hope you have!)

Keep in mind that when you are doing everything yourself you become a wedding event coordinator and finding the balance between chief organiser and guest of honour can be very hard.

I have seen stressed out brides break down and cry at the rehearsal not at the joy of being in love, rather they are having emotional breakdowns because they feel that they are doing it all on their own.  It is these brides (its not often the groom’s but they too can be super stressed especially if it's a home wedding) who take on the bulk of the planning  - colour and wedding themes, who sits where, gift placements etc that lead right up to the start of the ceremony.

Sit down together and from the very beginning of your planning create a vision not only of your ‘dream’ of the wedding and the physical aspects of what that means in term of the workload, but also how you want to ‘be’ on this special day.

Rested, relaxed, in love? I’m guessing so. Make all your plans with that in mind.  ... read more

Choosing the Celebrant for your Wedding

Wedding Ceremony

It is very exciting when you start to plan your wedding day and yet, there are so many things to consider. Your marriage ceremony should be one of the highlights of your wedding day and can set the tone for the celebration to follow. You want your ceremony to be the best ceremony ever! Find a celebrant that will support you to have what you want and whose presence you really enjoy.

In Australia, the use of registered celebrants for weddings has increased since 1999. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2012, 71.9% of couples chose registered celebrants as their wedding officiant. The number of professional celebrants has also increased dramatically in the last ten years so there is certainly plenty of choice available. If you don’t have any referrals from friends or family then the Yellow Pages, the local wedding guide or searching the internet are great places to source registered celebrants. A celebrant’s website is likely to give you a sense of whether you wish to email or call them and find out what they offer.  ... read more

Surprise Wedding Tips

Walking down the aisle

I've just had an email from a celebrant saying she has got two surprise weddings coming up.

Firstly, let's get clear on what we mean -  legally, both parties to the wedding have to be involved in the necessary legal requirements so 'surprise weddings' are a surprise only to their guests, not the bride or groom!

This can often evoke a mixed response from family and friends - from sheer joy, delight, 'I knew this would happen', laughter and smiles to the most distressing response of tears, hysteria, a sense of betrayal, 'why didn't she tell me, I'm her best friend', stunned shock. I have seen both and as you can imagine the latter is not very heart opening.

I would highly recommend you consider telling your closest family at the very least - parents, children, grandparents... and your best friend. Even, if it is the day before!  ... read more

How to incorporate more stillness into your Wedding Ceremony

Emerald Beach, NSW

I received an enquiry today after a bride discovered I was a celebrant and a Dru yoga and mindfulness teacher. She asked how she could incorporate more stillness into her wedding ceremony. I recommended that one of the ways is to find a celebrant who is into yoga or meditation. The celebrant will then have more inclination to understand what you are after and offer support. For me, as a celebrant, it is often the pauses between the stages of a ceremony that get overlooked usually, yet are so very powerful to hold.   ... read more

Wedding Speeches


…The crowd goes silent…

There are two possible endings for this scenario; either the crowd sit and wonder why you were selected to say a speech, and shake their heads in dismay at the bad jokes and inappropriate stories… or hopefully the more positive outcome where they all applaud and feel touched, humoured and happy to have heard your speech.

For whatever occasion, but especially weddings, speeches can really be a pivotal part of the evening. And choosing the right people for the job is vital, what they say and the lasting impressions can be enhancing or very detrimental to the whole day.   ... read more

The Power of Planning

the power of planning for your wedding
Failing to plan is to plan to fail. (Author unknown, but quote quite wise!)

You are reading wedding blogs already, which is a great start to preparation for your wedding – or perhaps you just enjoy reading my blog for the joys of marriage. Either way, this wonderful quote can be used in every aspect of life and can be very useful to get things done especially when you have a deadline ahead.

My eldest daughter is a self-proclaimed list-writing queen. My second daughter is more of a “let it flow” kind of woman. Together they can work as a great team balanced by the structure and the spontaneity! For their weddings there was a great number of lists which helped get the important things done, and yet with the flexibility to allow for creative ideas to spring up.  ... read more

How to be a Confident Bride and Handle the Nerves

Sit down and work out your vision for your wedding and marriage... together. What is it you both imagine will happen on your wedding day? What do you want? What don't you want? Alongside the shared dreams there may also be differences and getting this sorted early means you are on the same page as you move forward with the planning. Be a strong and confident team!

Book all your service providers early so you can have the celebrant, photographer, venue, hairdresser etc of your choice. Having  a great team of wedding professionals will give you a boost of confidence knowing they will look after you and do their job well without you having to 'look after them'.

Go for what you want, rather than what your mother or sister want. Sounds easy for some brides however for some this may require counselling support if necessary. I am serious, weddings can sometimes bring out the worst in families with their expectations or past troubles. Find someone who will help you to unpack some of those family knots and support you with skills to communicate clearly with difficult family and friends.  ... read more

How to get the most out of your wedding day

garden wedding ceremonyMy daughter and her fiance were married at the beginning of the month in the manicured garden of a turn of the century homestead near Canberra. As both the mother of the bride and their chosen celebrant I gained a greater appreciation about a few key aspects of planning a wedding.

They had booked Nara Park, Canberra, for the ceremony and were advised three weeks before the wedding, with great apology, that the venue had been double booked. Calm and collected the couple asked if they could go somewhere else in the park, to which the young man replied, 'I am afraid not... it is a huge sporting event with over 800 lycra clad athletes attending!'   ... read more

Making the wedding last longer!

One comment I hear a lot from couples when asked if they would do it differently... 'we wanted it to last longer!' Take your time. Plan well ahead, especially the week before the wedding. Go out for dinner or lunch with the bridal party and family, enjoy spending time with your guests before the event. Book in a massage, a walk along the beach with your fiance, a movie night with the girls... to make time for this, delegate tasks so you are not running around too busy for sharing time with your guests having fun. Make the reception preparation part of the celebration. Turn up the music, invite a few girlfriends to help, don't be fussy, be clear on your instructions to the helpers... and, hey, if possible, hand it over!  ... read more

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