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Yet Another Wedding Reception Game

At an informal wedding that I went to the MC invited everyone to stand and then said  ... read more

Ideas for Your Bridal Dance

wedding danceWhen it comes to your bridal dance, once you have established the rhythm and mood of the dance, ask your bridal party to each ask someone they don’t know to dance. Have them introduce themselves to the person and invite them to the floor. Your MC can extend this by inviting guests to do the same once all of the bridal party are dancing.  ... read more

Playing Trivia at Your Wedding Reception

Some people are naturally gregarious and have no trouble connecting, others may choose not to join in any icebreakers … choice is important. Trivia questions for each table that don’t require everyone to join in work well so Uncle John can sit back and just listen and not have to talk. He might even find that despite himself he cannot help but add to the conversation.  ... read more

Ideas for Wedding Reception Photos

photos at the wedding reception
Disposable cameras on the tables are an old favourite and a great way to get some casual impromptu photos. An announcement at the beginning of the evening inviting guests to have fun with them and take as many photos as they can. You will get some great shots.  ... read more

Even More Icebreakers for Your Wedding Reception

Wedding place cardsSimilar to the last blog… write an interesting piece of information about each guest and place them on their neighbour’s place card.

Steve is a geophysicist and spends three months every year in Papua New Guinea and loves to play cards.

To make a game of it… write three facts about the person. Two truthful ones and one false statement. Have the guests at each table figure out which fact is not true. You can glean this information about those guests who you know less by asking them to RSVP with the information.  ... read more

More Great Icebreakers for Your Wedding Reception

wedding receptionIf you know you have many people from different walks of your life coming to your wedding assign the role of ‘gracious host’ to one of your more gregarious friends.

Compile a fact sheet about your guests for them to commit to memory (or have a small note card that can be referred to discreetly) and then as they move around the room they can offer introductions and give people an idea of who the other is and where they have interests in common.  ... read more

Games for the Reception

wedding receptionPlace a few simple puzzles (knot and ring, bent nail tangles etc) on the table and guests will pick them up, maybe work together, laugh, pass them around.

Prior to the reception, numbers are taped to each chair. During the course of the evening, a number is called out and that person has to make a toast, share a memory about the bride and groom or generally wish the couple well!  ... read more

More Wedding Icebreakers!

wedding reception love songs
(see cautionary warning on previous blog!)

I attended one wedding where we were given the lyrics to Elvis Presley’s song, Love me Tender. During the ceremony most people joined in and sang. The song sheet had prompts for just the women to sing a chorus, and then the men, and then together. It was awesome.   ... read more

Games and Icebreakers for Weddings

Wedding games and icebreakersGames and icebreakers for weddings can be lots of fun… our family has always loved playing games however there is a cautionary warning, not every guest will want to join in. Some will hear the word, ‘game’ and make a bolt for the door. Others will groan, but despite themselves will have fun!

Of course, they are fun things to do that don’t necessarily involve ‘playing a game’ like the cootie catchers or as I knew them the ‘fortune tellers’. Do you remember them from primary school?  ... read more

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