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Inspiration for a Wedding Speech

A mother of the groom just asked me if I knew any quotes starting with R as she is writing her speech using the groom's name, Ronald, as a starting place.

I found these two interesting sites.

You could use quotes like the following and relate the message to marriage...

"Rain makes the sun shine brighter" - Kathy Ann Jensen
"Raise your sail one foot and you get ten feet of wind" - Chinese proverb
  ... read more

Wedding Speeches


…The crowd goes silent…

There are two possible endings for this scenario; either the crowd sit and wonder why you were selected to say a speech, and shake their heads in dismay at the bad jokes and inappropriate stories… or hopefully the more positive outcome where they all applaud and feel touched, humoured and happy to have heard your speech.

For whatever occasion, but especially weddings, speeches can really be a pivotal part of the evening. And choosing the right people for the job is vital, what they say and the lasting impressions can be enhancing or very detrimental to the whole day.   ... read more

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