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When is one ready to get married and what to look for?

I met with a lovely young man here in Tiruvananamalai, India, who is in his final year of a software engineering degree. When we were talking about my work as a celebrant in Australia, we got to talking about his family’s arrangements for his marriage. As it is part of his family's culture and, as he explained, he has always known that his marriage will be arranged for him, he is very comfortable that his parents will, through their best means and using astrological, social and other relevant guidelines and information find him a partner for marriage.  ... read more

Paying the Price

Gifts to the Groom or Bride or to their respective families are quite common in the lead up to a marriage. Different cultures have a unique custom surrounding these traditions and they are generally to provide a resource for the Groom to compensate for extra financial burdens a wife and family bring to his responsibility or a “safeguard” for a daughter in case of marital mishap where she is left without income for any reason.

In many cultures the safeguard can be for either the Groom or the Bride and generally exchanged between parents to be kept aside in event of such a misfortune; some include the Mahr ( in Islamic culture, a dower ( used throughout Europe and ‘Bride price’ ( ) which has several different names.   ... read more

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