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A blessing at a wedding for an unborn child

I was recently asked about a blessing at a wedding for an unborn child. You could create a specific blessing for the beginning of a family - for example:   ... read more

Vows for Wedding Guests

vows for wedding guests
It is a great privilege to hear a couple's personal wedding vows to each other. I have also witnessed some beautiful vows and promises from the guests at a wedding. What possibilities are there when a couple chooses this option?

Asking for a declaration from family and friends is a wonderful opportunity to engage everyone in either a light-hearted, playful way or, in a more serious and meaningful way... or a blend of both.   ... read more

Four Ceremonies and Seuss Wedding Vows

It took me a while to get back into writing since my mum passed away and yet today I was ready and enthusiastic... and what fun I have had writing a ceremony for a beautiful young couple getting married later next month. I had 16 pages of heartfelt love letters to read - what a privilege to share in their appreciation and love for each other. They also wanted a bit of humour included and sent me this link to Seuss vows (which I have added below for your convenience).   ... read more

Values and Intentions for a Wedding

In my file clean-up I rediscovered another part of a ceremony that I had written some time back:   ... read more

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