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Wet Weather Changes to a Ceremony

What happens when you have planned for the perfect day out on the headland and the weather has other ideas!  Well, with Frank and Shay this is exactly what happened.  ... read more

Challenges and Lessons Learned

Wet weather on wedding dayA wedding memory from my early days… The wedding was to be held in the India Garden of the Botanic Garden. The furthermost point from the entrance of the garden. It was November, the month of the afternoon thunderstorms for the Coffs Coast. The clouds were building and the static was in the air. The humidity was high and all was looking good for a great downpour. And yet, the front was still a way off. I advised the couple that it would be wise to stay close to shelter however they were resolute - out the back was where they wanted to go. Armed with umbrellas they were determined to head to the nether region of the park. With my gear in hand I agreed and we made our way to the grassy parkland.   ... read more

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