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Inspiration & Expert Advice to Help You Create Your Own Wedding Ceremony!

Keeping it Close

If you can survive that, you can survive anything together!” said a groom to me recently – referring to the two months he and his now-fiancée spent travelling in a campervan overseas.

Traveling can really bring out the characters in people – they find new responsibility and enjoyment together, senses are heightened in unfamiliar places and there is plenty of time to evaluate each other. Holidays and extended traveling is fantastic for spending time relaxing and discovering… but sometimes you discover that living on each other’s toes can be great for knowing their snoring habits more than anything else. Take the time to really know each other, you wont get a better opportunity to do so!   ... read more

The Power of Planning

the power of planning for your wedding
Failing to plan is to plan to fail. (Author unknown, but quote quite wise!)

You are reading wedding blogs already, which is a great start to preparation for your wedding – or perhaps you just enjoy reading my blog for the joys of marriage. Either way, this wonderful quote can be used in every aspect of life and can be very useful to get things done especially when you have a deadline ahead.

My eldest daughter is a self-proclaimed list-writing queen. My second daughter is more of a “let it flow” kind of woman. Together they can work as a great team balanced by the structure and the spontaneity! For their weddings there was a great number of lists which helped get the important things done, and yet with the flexibility to allow for creative ideas to spring up.  ... read more

How to be a Confident Bride and Handle the Nerves

Sit down and work out your vision for your wedding and marriage... together. What is it you both imagine will happen on your wedding day? What do you want? What don't you want? Alongside the shared dreams there may also be differences and getting this sorted early means you are on the same page as you move forward with the planning. Be a strong and confident team!

Book all your service providers early so you can have the celebrant, photographer, venue, hairdresser etc of your choice. Having  a great team of wedding professionals will give you a boost of confidence knowing they will look after you and do their job well without you having to 'look after them'.

Go for what you want, rather than what your mother or sister want. Sounds easy for some brides however for some this may require counselling support if necessary. I am serious, weddings can sometimes bring out the worst in families with their expectations or past troubles. Find someone who will help you to unpack some of those family knots and support you with skills to communicate clearly with difficult family and friends.  ... read more

Flowers as a Gift of Love

As a gift for a special guest at your wedding ceremony you may wish to set aside a few flowers on the signing table. Long stemmed lilies or roses are a beautiful choice.

When you have declared your vows and the celebrant has pronounced you to be husband and wife, the next thing that will happen is you will move to the signing table to complete the signing of the three marriage certificates (one for you to take home, one for the Registry office and one for the celebrant to keep).    ... read more

How to get the most out of your wedding day

garden wedding ceremonyMy daughter and her fiance were married at the beginning of the month in the manicured garden of a turn of the century homestead near Canberra. As both the mother of the bride and their chosen celebrant I gained a greater appreciation about a few key aspects of planning a wedding.

They had booked Nara Park, Canberra, for the ceremony and were advised three weeks before the wedding, with great apology, that the venue had been double booked. Calm and collected the couple asked if they could go somewhere else in the park, to which the young man replied, 'I am afraid not... it is a huge sporting event with over 800 lycra clad athletes attending!'   ... read more

Ideas for Wedding Reception Photos

photos at the wedding reception
Disposable cameras on the tables are an old favourite and a great way to get some casual impromptu photos. An announcement at the beginning of the evening inviting guests to have fun with them and take as many photos as they can. You will get some great shots.  ... read more

Wedding Traditions... In or Out?

cutting the wedding cakeThere are some wedding traditions you may want to keep…   ... read more

How to Arrive at Your Wedding Ceremony

wedding arrival optionsThere are many options to arriving at your wedding ceremony:  ... read more

Challenges and Lessons Learned

Wet weather on wedding dayA wedding memory from my early days… The wedding was to be held in the India Garden of the Botanic Garden. The furthermost point from the entrance of the garden. It was November, the month of the afternoon thunderstorms for the Coffs Coast. The clouds were building and the static was in the air. The humidity was high and all was looking good for a great downpour. And yet, the front was still a way off. I advised the couple that it would be wise to stay close to shelter however they were resolute - out the back was where they wanted to go. Armed with umbrellas they were determined to head to the nether region of the park. With my gear in hand I agreed and we made our way to the grassy parkland.   ... read more

$500 Payment on Wedding Rings Almost Lost

Buying Your Wedding RingsA couple I had previously married called in to pick up their wedding rings. The bride wanted to pay off the last $100 that was due on their layby. The assistant kindly told them it was $600 owing much to her amazement. The bride couldn't believe it! She clearly remembered taking in the $500 cash and had it marked in her diary. The assistant told them to go home and find the receipt and bring it and all would be cleared up.   ... read more

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