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The Pavlova Queens

Another great catering and wedding gift idea....I was speaking with a friend about his daughter's wedding as they had done their own catering for the reception. The couple delegated many of the tasks to willing friends and family who met out at the farmhouse where the wedding was to be held and had some great bake offs!

The bride ordered eight pavlovas and then designated eight of her friends to be the Pavlova Queens - they were going to have a decorating competition to be held on the wedding day! She made each of them a special Pavlova Queen Apron and the girls came prepared! One of the Pavlova Queens was a hairdresser and she had made curlers out of icing and covered the Pav with them.  (Pav is Aussie slang for Pavlova; and for those not in the know... pavlova is a very sweet, large dessert like a very large meringue but stickier!)

Another Pavlova Queen covered her pavlova with small, delicate flowers and another found some interesting fruits to add to the top! It sounded very creative and like everyone had lots of fun!

It's not always easy doing your own catering but when you bring in fun ideas like this one it changes the whole flavour of the task!

Beatrice's Pavlova recipe:

photo credit: HerryLawford via photopin cc

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