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The Wedding Dress

Bride trying on wedding dresses
The Wedding Dress has long been an integral part of the wedding day, and a blushing bride in her gorgeous gown can be a vision of beauty.

Brides can deliberate for hours over the style of the gown, and no small fortunes have been spent to get the desired look. I read an article in the Canberra Times, when visiting recently, that at the Hyatt Wedding Expo they noted a trend for brides in the last season to purchase two wedding dresses, for a costume change halfway through the day!


Not just a simple reception gown either – fully fledged bridal gowns! (well… if your budget permits I guess!) Yet how many women have the misfortune of getting something they didn’t want, and is it a case of ‘buyer beware’ when trying to get the best value for your money? Internet shopping can be risky at the best of times; and none more so than when you are buying an expensive and highly personal item like a wedding dress.


After reading some of the real wedding stories in the NSW/ACT Affordable Weddings 2013 magazine it is apparent that most women do their research online and then make their purchases in-store – with several women buying a dress online first only to have to go and purchase another dress from a shop or dressmaker because it was unsatisfactory!


Quite a few of the examples had gowns designer made and only one woman purchased her dress second-hand, but unworn. Both my daughters had different experiences. My first daughter that was married purchased a beautiful bridal gown from a local supplier. My second daughter searched for the vintage dress of her dreams and was unable to find one that she liked. I heard myself say,  I will make it.' My mother had been a dressmaker and passed some of sewing skills my way. The dress, complete with scalloped lace edges hand-stitched around the 4 metre plus hemline and neckline, was perfect. I had my doubts at times, late evenings handstitching, turning the pattern upside down and around to figure it out. Her Grandmother (my mother, who passed away 8 months prior) gave me silent guidance and support during the process. A handmade dress really suited their ceremony and personality – and despite the trend, she wasn’t tempted to ask me to make two ...thankfully!  

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