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Playing Trivia at Your Wedding Reception

Some people are naturally gregarious and have no trouble connecting, others may choose not to join in any icebreakers … choice is important. Trivia questions for each table that don’t require everyone to join in work well so Uncle John can sit back and just listen and not have to talk. He might even find that despite himself he cannot help but add to the conversation.

  • Where did John and Sally first meet?
  • Where was Sally going to that day?
  • Where did they go to when they travelled overseas?
  • What was John’s first job?

You can prepare the questions, have the answers on the back, or make a game of it, stating that someone in the room knows the answers and guests have to ask around if they don’t know.

You don’t have to make a big fuss of it if you don’t wish to, that way guests can be involved if they want or if the answers on the back they can just be read quietly while waiting for their dessert. There are however, plenty of people like me who love to play games so no fear, there will be those who will join in.

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