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Wedding Speeches


…The crowd goes silent…

There are two possible endings for this scenario; either the crowd sit and wonder why you were selected to say a speech, and shake their heads in dismay at the bad jokes and inappropriate stories… or hopefully the more positive outcome where they all applaud and feel touched, humoured and happy to have heard your speech.

For whatever occasion, but especially weddings, speeches can really be a pivotal part of the evening. And choosing the right people for the job is vital, what they say and the lasting impressions can be enhancing or very detrimental to the whole day.

I have a next door neighbour who spent the better part of two weeks writing a speech for his daughters’ wedding – deliberating and dissecting words. He wrote volumes, and read them aloud to his partner – he even tore them up and started afresh several times over. He didn’t want to be “that dad” who embarrassed his daughter, or nattered on for three hours while guests were slipping out the back door to escape. He was precise that he wanted to make a speech that reflected her and honoured their marriage - but also made him seem witty and be dotted with tasteful humour. In the end he was really happy and the crowd liked it - but it took a lot of preparation; much more preparation than a few notes written on the back of a napkin after a few glasses of toasted champagne!

Choose your speakers wisely – and offer some help if you think they might need it. Have a time limit set by a MC, and make the speaker aware of the guests present (like great grandmother Betty who could be offended easily!) Try and make speeches early in the reception to discourage drunken speakers and make eye contact with the person throughout their speech to encourage them and let them know you appreciate them speaking for your big day. Further reading (or a gift for the best man perhaps?) can be found in my ebook.



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