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Wet Weather Changes to a Ceremony

What happens when you have planned for the perfect day out on the headland and the weather has other ideas!  Well, with Frank and Shay this is exactly what happened.

Once they got over the initial 'will we go to the headland or won't we' dilemma they were fabulous and just accepted what was happening. They were just so happy to get married it didn't matter where they were. As part of the introduction we had written...

Frank and Shay have called for us to gather here in this magnificent place, with the surf and beach below, the gentle sea breeze cooling us, and an amazing view to behold. It is a place they both love and which inspires them – inspires them to enjoy life and live each moment to its fullest.

Instead of missing out on this beautiful piece of the ceremony I invited guests to bring forth images of the headland on a fine day: the magnificent long beaches either side, the breeze blowing across their faces, the sound of the waves (I also invited those who hadn't been up there yet to make sure they checked it out - even if they had to go up there with umbrella's as Hungry Headland is truly beautiful). I called forth this images and the beauty of the place and talked of Frank and Shay's love for this area and how it inspires them. It was one of many magic moments on their special day.

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