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Wise Words at Weddings

At one of my very early weddings nearly twenty years ago I was asked to invite guests to speak words of support or give their advice on what it takes to have a ‘great marriage’. I was a little nervous at first, having never opened the floor to spontaneous speaking from guests at a wedding before however, I had primed a few people before the ceremony started and had no need to be concerned. 

Guests were forthcoming with great ease. One of the grandparents had nearly everyone in tears with their precious insights and another friend offered a simple prayer. Others called out single words like ‘trust’, ‘laughter’ ‘patience’, and yet another young friend of the couple called out, ‘great sex’ which made everyone laugh. 

Given the success of this experience I felt more comfortable at another wedding where the couple wanted me to invite their guests to share highlights and stories about marriage and being in relationship. This was a more open ended question however the parents of both the bride and groom had something pre-prepared and they spoke first. This set the tone and style of the sharing and encouraged a few others to speak beautiful gems of wisdom.

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