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Wise Words for Renewal of Vows

At our small and intimate celebration, many years ago now, Roger and I invited twelve guests who were staying with us the night before the ceremony to share an informal meal together. After dinner we formed a circle to discuss the topic of ‘what is marriage/union?’ Everyone had had time prior to our gathering to reflect on the question. Using a talking stick, so only one person at a time spoke, the discussion was rich, honest and at times, funny.

Gayle McCosker, a dear friend and celebrant, presented an acrostic quote that captured the essence of the discussions that night. ‘MARRIAGE: Magical Adventure Requiring Ritual, Intimacy and Grace Every day.

This was a wonderful, heart opening prelude to the ceremony the next day. If you are interested in our ceremony I included it in the eBook, Ceremonies for the Renewal of Vows.

In whatever way the ‘sharing of wisdom’ is expressed, it is an opportunity not to be missed and can be a platform for diverse ideas, new ways of seeing things and fresh inspiration as well as honouring the ‘wise community’ that holds the couple and the family.

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