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Your Heritage

Grandmother's Wedding Dress
Where did your parents meet and where was their wedding? Did they share a honey moon and what did they feel on their big day? Some might have felt joy or sadness, or responsibility; and certainly each marriage brings a different story.

Talk to your families (or if they have passed away, perhaps do some family history research). Everyone has a story to tell and you might just glean a side to your family tapestry that you did not know – and that information might help you prepare for your own feelings on your wedding day, and share the moments with your parents or grandparents. If you are interested in the stories and the traditions used by your elders you can always honour some of them in your own ceremony.

Wedding dresses often used to get passed down through the family line, but tradition can fade away along with new trends and fashions (the 80's wedding gown might not reflect your dream dress!). Perhaps you could wear a hair pin or jewelery instead and still honour your mother or grandmother.

A bride who inquired about her grandmothers wedding dresses was told by one grandmother that when she and her husband had moved across from New Zealand just after their marriage in the 1950's for a job opportunity in the University of Canberra, they were quite penny-strapped to begin with. They had enough saved for the children and daily expenses, but when they received invitations to evening parties and balls, they couldn't afford appropriate dress for the occasions - so regretfully, she did some sewing alterations and dyed her wedding gown to make a shorter colourful dress. She got many wears out of the pretty gown - but sadly had to throw it out once it had been used too many times. Both Grandmothers had similar stories, and so the bride actually asked her mother if she would sew her wedding dress. It was a big task, but the gown was exactly as she had wanted and will be something she cherishes and hopefully passes on to any daughters willing to wear an heirloom in the future!

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